Key Considerations

We have carefully considered a range of issues while developing the proposal for the site.


You can find further details below regarding:

  • Landscape

  • Transport

  • Flooding and Drainage

We are currently working on a full suite of technical assessments for the site, including detailed transport modelling, ecology, landscape assessment, ground conditions, flood risk and drainage.

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Example of a William Davis Homes development


The landscape has been assessed, including important views from Bradgate Park. As a result, the proposed housing will be located on the least visible areas of the site. The proposal also includes large areas of accessible open space and woodland planting which reflect the local landscape and will soften and screen the development.


The proposed site is in a sustainable location with good pedestrian and cycle links to local facilities and services, and bus services which provide regular links to surrounding areas.


There would be two access points to the proposed development via Bradgate Road.

An independent Transport Assessment has been undertaken which has considered the potential transport and highways impact of the proposal. This has found that there will be no significant adverse impact from traffic generated by the development on the local road network. We are undertaking additional transport surveys which will be included within a detailed Transport Assessment submitted with the planning applications.

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Flooding and Drainage


We have incorporated sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) within the design to ensure the development does not increase the risk of flooding on or off the site.


An independent Flood Risk Assessment and Sustainable Drainage Statement has been prepared. This demonstrates that the development is acceptable in flood risk terms, and that it would not increase the flood risk in the wider area, subject to the implementation of the proposed flood mitigation strategies included in the proposal. This includes SUDS rainwater balancing features that have been carefully integrated into the landscape and open space design principles. The Flood Risk Assessment and Sustainable Drainage Statement will be submitted with the planning applications.